Saturday, 17 October 2009

Twenty Six and Sx Weeks

This week has been brought to us by

The Number: The Bank Won't Stop Calling Me (Again)

The Letters: F E D U P

The good news: Zero is cute to me again.

The song:

The video (and song):

The joy joy moment: Eilidh

The awesome moment: playing Cluedo with Claudia and Eilidh and 'getting it' for the first time in 26 years and six weeks.

The ultimate sell moment: sellings to macbook pro 13inch in an hour of each other and tendering cash to the amount of 1700+ for them. CASH!

The best apple moment: nothing has beaten the 'I have an iPhone that doesn't ring' because the silent button is on moment... yet.

The relief: For the first time in twenty six years and six weeks I really do enjoy my job. If I got paid a million pounds an hour for it I would love it more.

The zen moment: sitting on the stairs in my house playing miniature football with a Cheese Ball as the ball and Zero as my opponent.

The love: The sleepy morning phone calls.

The images (found):

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