Friday, 18 September 2009

Dear Glenn Beck... (No Seriously)

I was reading an article in Time Magazine about how pathetic Glenn Beck is.

And then I decided to write to him.

I kid you not, I just wrote him a letter.

Which I might send every day until he reads it.

It pretty much says this:

Dear Mr Beck.

I am from the UK. I know of you because I've visited Utah on several occasions and the people I have stayed with or the people I have associated with have mentioned your name, either in praise or distaste. One of the things that I do know about you is that we have a common religion.

Right now Mr Beck I am appalled at your behaviour.

You were awarded such a blessing and have been able to make money and become a public figure that people trust and follow. You've since taken that blessing and turned it into a tool to manipulate people, to corrupt them and to, in the long run, really hurt them. I, honestly, think you don't even believe or mean a lot of the things that you talk about, or that you 'fear monger'.

Mr Beck you have turned into a very bad man. You have taken something good and turned it into something very evil. You were given an opportunity to reach millions of people and you have decided to use that power counter productively and you will essentially hurt a lot of people.

You will be held responsible for your actions, and I think that you know it.

Mr Beck, there are protests online purely against you, there are articles about you in Time Magazine talking about how detrimental you are to America. There is no way you can still think that what you are doing and what you saying is appropriate.

Sometimes, Mr Beck, when an opportunity is presented to us we think it's a blessing, but in actual fact it is another test to see how we react and to see if we recognise fault in our decisions. If your life 'just fell into place' then you have to question where the test was. There's no way that you were put in the position you are in and meant to use it the way you are — take a step back and look at yourself. If you invoke feelings of hate or disgust in people then what you are doing is wrong and contrary to the gospel.

Turn back now before it's too late. Try and redeem yourself, or just give up. Seriously. You've become greedy for power and money, and you've essentially sold out: preaching as if what you are talking about is what you believe.

You are being hypocritical.

The thing that upsets me the most is that you are using your affiliations with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to promote yourself and to gain a larger following. You know that this is wrong. You have been given a very large responsibility of being a member of the Church in the media, please stop abusing it and start acting like the compassionate, rational, and loving man that Jesus wants you to be.

All the best with your decisions in the future. You have the power to change things naturally, not to hurt people or convince them to be paranoid. That is a crime against humanity. You will be held accountable if you do not stop.

Yours sincerely

Vikki Miller

And that's pretty much that. He is tearing up the US for no reason. It's pathetic. Anyway. He won't read it, and he won't do anything about it, but I felt the need to tell him that his pish antics are all over the UK too.

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