Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Von Trapp Family Drawers?

The other day I found a £20 for HMV, £3 of it was spent on The Sound of Music DVD... I started watching it on Friday night, and no where near done yet... a little bit each day will get me there in the end.

I love it... seriously. Musicals make me happy. On a side note, I was listening to Elaine Paige singing 'Everything's as if we never said goodbye' from sunset boulevard. I've never seen, nor do I do know the plot of Sunset Boulevard, but I love that song. It was the 'B' side of a Memory (cats) CD i had with Elaine Paige singing it. I love Cats the musical.


Last night (Sunday) my mother brother sister niece cousin her husband other cousin and a baby had dinner together... oh and my sister's boyfriend... it was rather lovely, and after dinner my brother was doing an art piece for homework to hand in this morning.

My cousin's husband, my other cousin and me all have art and or design degrees. So we all a shot at helping my wee brother finish his picture.

Everyone left at 10pm and my brother and I spent another 3 hours finishing it off and getting it to the point that it could be handed in. I've been a procrastinator so long in my life that I know that quality has to be lessened the faster a deadline approaches.

I helped him get it to a point that it was finished and could handed in. And he was so proud of it, you could tell when he got home from school that he felt good at not being the one in the class that the teacher was asking if they really thought they should be doing the class.

So, hopefully it will motivate him to continue the good work.

Here are a couple of pictures from the master piece. It's a close up of a chuck taylor all done in Graphite pencil. Seriously... it wasn't easy to draw and shade in just pencil for the entire size of A1, especially when there was so much black involved.

There was one point where Kris and I were working so quickly on it that it looked terrible, we had no idea what it would look like. Then he took it and we stood about 5 meters back and it looks amazing. Seriously. Close up, terrible. Far away, brilliant.

We need to keep in mind, as well, that Kris is 16 (going on 17) and he won't be getting marked as if he was in art school.

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