Saturday, 26 September 2009

Twenty Six and Three Weeks.

Well, this week has been crazy.


1. Had 5 hard core full days of apple training. Just reading, filling things out, being talked at, doing activity things, and then on our last day we were shown the 'technical' side of the sales process, no where near enough time, and now I'm panicking for my first shift.

2. Been shouted at on Ebay

3. Been all over the place emotionally... it's the end of the month

4. Forgot to post on gypsy feet and totally let Laura down

5. Been left with a really crazy decision to make that based on a lot of gambles, and scenarios and boy do I need help making the decision.

This week (yesterday to be exact) marked the one year anniversary of maddy and I going to Salt Lake together. The trip that changed my life... seriously. I owe Maddy and her Mum everything that makes me happy now.

I've also realise this week that the happiest I've been working wise is 1. Working from home, and 2. Working on my masters research. How do I get that back?

On another note my first shift at apple is tomorrow. The one day I told them I couldn't work. Seriously. It's lame. So there I have it. LAME LAME LAME.

I've sorted it out, however this is bank holiday weekend, so if I wasn't in tomorrow it would mean that Monday would be my first shift and on Monday I might not have a clue what I'm actually doing, so at least tomorrow has the prospect of being a little quieter which means I can pay attention and learn things before Monday.

So I know it's wrong to work tomorrow, but as a once off and for the first time in my life I think it will be okay. It's from 2pm to 6pm so I need to go straight after church. I'm hefty going to miss my post church nap. Lame.

Okay so the sesame street low-down here we go.

This week has been brought to us by:

The letters: A P P L & E


The Words: The gas cooker was left on last night and I woke up at 7:30 and saved myself and my family from death... another hour, I'd say. Turns out my room was the worse effected... the gas death man was coming for me.

The Happy:


The Video:

and The Love: Jon.

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