Saturday, 5 July 2008

60 years of the NHS

I watched a man on the news earlier talk about how the NHS can be improved and should be improved without anyone making a profit.

He was talking about how US companies are trying to achieve financial gain from our Health System.

Yes, it's not perfect, yes it's not amazing, yes we have to wait for ages, but it's the best system. Why should someone's life be held for ransom.

I also remember having a lecture last year that made me think for a while. The idea was suggested that back in the day we all used to go to public baths to clean ourselves, but now we are able to keep ourselves clean in our own homes.

The same could be said of health care, or rather, should be said of health care. We should be able to take care of ourselves within our own homes rather than going to the doctor over the slightest thing.

Just a thought.

And P.S. back of American capitalists. Pah.

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