Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I LOVE APPLE; or, Fifth Mac.

Fifth mac.



Right now I'm in a room with three macs. A G4 Tower, A Powerbook G4 and a MacBook Pro.

What's amazing is that I'm working on the powerbook, while I wirelessly stream my music through the mac book pro into my harmon kardon soundsticks.

Why is that Apple is so easy to use. I didn't have to set this strange network up. They found each other. Nick found James. It's kind of sad that they are talking to each other and one is going to replace the other, but just now it's a happy family of macs.






I'm slowly loosing my mind, all work and no play makes Vikki a dull girl. I also need to find someone to travel with, I'm dying to travel.

How amazing though. Fifth mac, Fourth Mac, Third Mac... all in the one room. Second Mac is either still with Kate or sold on gum tree and first mac was biege (enough said).

Anyway. Back to work. I need to have a shower.

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