Sunday, 6 July 2008

My Life (this week) In Pictures.

Just three.

But this is it.

Awesome Dinner that I made on thursday.

I love vegetarian or rather piscitarian cooking. I love fish. Here we have a foil baked, basil, rosemary and lemon juice basted slice of Cod seasonsed with cracked black pepper and fine sea salt sitting on a bed of brocolli, avacado and courgette - gently roasted in soya and lemon sprinkled with peanuts and sesame seeds, topped with a soft poached egg.


I made it up... pretty good too :)

This is another addition to the collection. MMMMMMMMMMMS.

On Thursday I met claire for Lunch and on the way back to work I bumped into a Hare Krishna. Now, i've always run for the hills, but this guy was different. we chatted for about 20 minutes and I told him all about my latest essay and how I thought the world was moving in a cirle but the west was on a straight course, so when the world looped we were going to go off into the abyss and have to find our way back.

He couldn't believe how old I was and asked if I was a vegetarian and then asked if I was a piscitarian, and then he asked if I drank milk because that's supposed to have the same amount of vitamins as a steak. Then he told me to go to Indian and experience the small town life; because i had told him all about how I had realised that we aren't meant to be controlled by such a distant government and that, naturally, the human mind can only keep 200 names and faces (thanks Annie) so we should be living in a village scenario.

He told me how cows are worshipped, or at least held in high esteem and appreciated for the blessing they are, in India.

We then exchanged names and on his clip board I realised he had the same birthday as me. We had that link. We were the same person 4 years apart. That was what the connection was. I gave him money for milk.

He also told me that milk, when heated and drunk hot, is really really good because of the way the chemicals rise it's better than drinking cold milk. I told him I drank hot milk all the time, in my cereal and in my chai tea lattes.

He then told me to never put it in the microwave.

I told him how much I envied him and the other monks and that just the day before i Had seen a lady who I had had an encounter with years before (a monk lady) and how I was walking behind her in central station and just envying that I she has enough faith to jack in the world and live her life to teach or to ask for money, because i've never really been taught anything. I wish I had faith like that. Faith enough to believe in the chapter I so desperately love of the book of Mormon. I need more faith.

He told me that I was an inspirational person, and that I shouldn't let the grind get to me. I was telling him how I believed there was more than this, that this is all nonsense. We were standing in the rain near borders with the hussle and bustle of people getting lunch, getting back to work, shopping, going to the bank, living the rat race. I told him there was more than this, I told him, I wanted to write, I told him I wrote as a hobbie, he told me that was impressive and rare. I told him I was a mormon, he told me we were pious people. I made him explain pious. I told him we weren't dissimilar. He told me that someone with a dream, and ambition will more than likely do it when the time is ready. I told him I was getting out of debt then changing the world. He told me I was an inspirational person and that I should be inspiring other people.

I love that i met him, I love that I stopped, I love that I was nice and that I gave him time. Time is all we've got. I love that he's another person I am proud to have met. Like the Londoner who lived in Idaho who was in Isreal and in the wrong aeroplane queue. I love people. Thank you life, thank you people, thank you beautiful world filled with people who still are gems.

I drank some Chai tea that night and the message of the chai was this:

The Yogi Chai Never lies.

I'm going to drink some right now.

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