Monday, 21 July 2008

I scream.

I scream you scream.

It turns out I scream while travelling down a fake ski slope in a rubber tyre. This is a fact.

I will have photographic and video evidence of it once my boss uploads it.

Friday was the 'Good' day out, and given Murphy's law it was peeing with rain. Most of the day it just drizzled, so we were all soaking at the ski slope from the rain and from the tiny little sprinklers that keep the plastic slippery.

But I'll tell you me it was possibly the best fun I've had in a long long time. Going down the slope over and over again with more and more people joining on - it was amazing. The more people that went down together the faster the first slope would be and the higher we would reach on the opposite slope. It was amazing. I seriously want to do it again.

We then went to Keith's gaff which was out in the country which meant they had a garden large enough to hold a trampoline. You didn't have to tell me about that twice, I was on it in a shot. And therein was my downfall. It had been raining non-stop and the trampoline was saturated with water, not to mention the grass that I stood on with my socks before getting on the trampoline. I then spent the next 9 hours in my wet shoes, with no socks. I could feel them wrinkle Bah. I was on the trampoline again, but with shoes this time and I fell over completely. Rufus, an awesome guy called Stuart and I were bouncing at the same time, and it was just madness. Slippery maddness. Stuart fell too and was completely ringing.

We then had a barbeque - in the rain (under a canopy), and played frisbee up a hill in the rain. Ruf' kept chucking the frisbee over the wall and as he was running about with his trousers rolled up with no shoes on, clutching a broom, Chris L asked him if he was off to play a game of quiddich. Rufus Potter. I swear I couldn't stop laughing for about 20 minutes. It was the perfect joke at the perfect time. AMAZING.

I got home and slept and spent a lot of Saturday reading Full Moon and then met Mary and Donna for hot chocolate and cake. It was so much fun.

While I was driving Donna home we were boob-dazzled by a random girl in a flouncy white top that was a skirt but also a leotard that had the biggest thruppney bits i've seen in a long time and they were not hiding. I think they even sparkled and glittered haha.

I'd woken Saturday morning feeling like I had a cold or something else in the chest. I think I've still got the glandular fever-gitis. It would explain a lot. Considering my mood as well. I did some google research last night and discovered that people have reported having the fever-gitis for months and months. I knew it would be for ever, but appear and go, but this was people reporting having it prevalant for 6 months. I don't think I ever got over it. I think I need to go on a high vitamin diet filled with a lots of herbal remedies.

Sunday made me want to sleep and I ended up missing church because when I woke up I felt just as ill as i had on Saturday and then I tried to sleep it off and then slept in too much. Grrr. When I woke up properly I just felt horrible, and then the rest of the day I just wanted to be a ball. A small ball.

I spent the early afternoon finishing Full Moon, and I used this lunch time to buy eclipse and start reading it. You could say that I am addicted to the Twilight saga hmmm.

My throat is a bit hurty just now. I might get the things I need to do done and then go to bed.

I wanted to blog some more about my viewing of Wall•E and how it made me cry because of the possibility that the world might turn out like that. I didn't buy into the robot love story I was just upset at the fat people and the disasterous world.

Call me crazy.

I've been so anxious all day today, and I don't know why. I SERIOUSLY have to get rid of this glandular fever. Ridiculous.

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