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Spot The Difference: Three Years Later and the Meaning of Plastic

Sincerly Let's do this.

Okay here we have exhibit one.

To the left is 2008, to the right 2005.

  • Fur missing

  • hair longer

  • fringe

  • hair not as white

  • Not looking like a cow

  • Feigning happiness

  • Purple T-shirt

  • more freckles

  • belt

  • Eyebrows more like eybrows rather than upside down Nike signs

  • Face not as filled with chocolate digestives

  • Less noticable bags under eyes

  • bracelet additions

As for my wrist.

Not a lot of people know anything about my tacky plastic bracelets. I don't think I've ever given a full blogging explanation of them either.

Back in the day, after I met Eilidh and my life changed for the better and I moved to Dundee I started to dress with more character. Part of that was the donning of many bracelets and appendages up both arms from wrist to elbow. Sincerly. I wish I had pictures of them in their full glory.

I'm not sure when, or why I took them off, but what's on my left arm is what is left that I can't take off. Can't as in don't want to emotionally, not can't as in can not. Because I do take them off when I'm at the temple.

Anyway, looking back to 2005 we have 5 bracelets.

Here in 2008 we have 9.

Each one of them represents a certain time, a certain person, or certain place in my life. Just as hunters take a tooth from the animals they kill I take plastic beads from the eras in my life that I need to remember that I have either left behind, over come, or triumphed in.

Should we go through them?

The ones that cross over from 05 - 08
Purple, White, Black, Green:
Given to me when I was 17 by Paul Hichens at my very first YSA convention in Billingham. After the convention I never knew who he was, how to contact him, or anything. Just Paul, with the white hair, the studded belt and the cool taste in music. It was all about the music.

I found him electronically last year :)

It pretty much kick starts my life though, life post-high school. Entering the era of being a rock dresser, verging on goth; the start of the passion for music.

Random colours with giant blue bead:

This one is all about the end of my first year at university and the trip that brought 150 18/19 year olds to London, on three coaches. I bought it in London, in Top Shop in Oxford street and it represents flatmates of amazingness, Peterson halls, Animation and Graphic Design, General Course at Duncan of Jordanstone, a year of madness; new people; new friends; new adventures; new crushes, loves and obsessions; and the triumph of one of my obsessions leading to my first kiss. Yes, I was the ripe age of 19 and with braces when I had my first kiss. Terrifying.

Black bead and silver tubed bracelet:
Given to me by Adam 'the awesome' Lang. He more than likely does not remember such, but I remember the summer that was. It was an amazing summer, in 2003. I had spent most of the time working in the Thistle Hotel being a bar tender. Which I had been inspired to do after I befriended Canadian Patrick the hottest bar tender at the union. Well this wasn't the reason, it was coincidence that I became a bar tender but I loved doing it. The nights were spent with Eilidh and Dawn in the cat house or at the QMU. Tuesday night was our night and we would oft frequent Revolution. I had my car, it was an amazing summer.

The night before the summer ended I bumped into, literally, Adam Lang, who said something rather poetic and dramatic and then thrust the bracelet on to my wrist and left in a sweeping motion that seemed like we would never cross paths again.

Little did he know we would cross paths a few more times that night and a few more in the future.

So this wee guy represents the summer of 2003.

Granite, all grey round guy

This one has the least memory and significance attached to it, although it always reminds me of my mum, and second year of uni. So it remains.

Black and white, Black and White
I had two of these, the other was given to a friend of mine. This represents my entire third year of university. The friends I made in Graphic Design; sitting next to Barry the whole time; hanging out with Richy, Ryan and Chris; Freshers team as well (which started that year). This bracelet also broke for the first time (they've all broken and been restrung) in the Hawkhill flat while I was hanging some pictures. The claw of the hammer hooked it and snapped it. I figured it was a sign. It very well was.

Additions since 2005
Purple faded star which looks white now:
Given to me by Kate for my 22nd Birthday marking the end of University, the end of Dundee, the end of being 21.

Black star with pearly looking rough tube beads:
Given to me by maw in December 2005 for Christmas. This was when I had just started working, I had a new triad (Mary and Charla). I met Donna. I got back in proper friendship-ness with Toni. I started working on being more spiritual and taking my religion more seriously that I had previously done. It pretty much represents a butt load of changes in my life.

This star one and the purple star one both have the limbo period between receiving each, where I started the change.

Black White Star
Given to me by Nicola it marked new friendships, the end of working and the start of masters.

Black and White Buttons

In 2007 while visiting Eilidh in London and meeting Justin and his mum I was back in Top shop (back to where the bracelet with the blue bead was first bought) and I came across a necklace made from buttons. I needed something to mark masters year and the things I had been through, so I decided to make a bracelet using the same button idea. Making it myself was also £6 cheaper.

So this is my master of design bracelet, It is my random life; disjointed, unstructured, but good. Very good. It is Justin, it is research, it is all boys I liked. It marks the end of the boy ban. (I purged myself of boys from January 2005 until summer/autumn 2007.) It marks Kate's wedding and the beginning of all the weddings of my friends. It marks freedom, choice, happiness, adventure, realising my strength, realising my potential. It's Eilidh. It's London after six years of learning. It's my dreams JA, my desperation AL, it's my insanity, happiness, and addiction RK, it's my mistakes AP, my new experience BE.

And those are the differences kids, see any more?

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