Sunday, 6 July 2008

The Stow Away Carbohydrate.

It's quite common for me to see things that I want to blog about. I want to write about everything, I want to photography and document everything, I want to write.

But, more often than not, I just can't be bothered, or I forget.

I have many random pictures on iPhoto that i've never uploaded and that are just random random, rather than awesome random.

This will be one such picture.

My Mum is away for the summer, my brother is leaving tomorrow and my Sister took him for a walk this evening, so I fired on some pasta for dinner. Exotic for a Sunday. When you cook for yourself the fancy cooking of food sometimes just doesn't inspire and junk food has to do. My junk food is pasta.

So I poured the dehydrated morsels into the pan and lo and behold what would be in the bag of Asda Fusilli (twisted) pasta, but a Tube pasta shape.

Where was he going? What was he doing?

I think he was in love with a twist. Twist and Tube. I think they were part of a tragic love story, then i scalded them, drowned them, and ate them. I hope they merge together in my blood stream and send love to my heomoglobin.

Or perhaps he was the gang leader and the rest of the pasta rebelled against him in pasta factory and threw him in the bag.

Or MAYBE he was killed by the pasta mafia, and thrown in the pasta-equivalent of the Clyde.

Or maybe he just wanted out.

Or maybe he was mentally ill and thought he was a twist.

Of maybe he just wanted to do the twist (the dance; we've already covered love story).

Or maybe he was escaping the pasta factory and thought the twist making machine was a slide.

Or maybe he fell in, while escaping.

Or maybe he was in love with a tube and realised his mistake being a tube himself and had to commit pasta suicide.

Or maybe he was in unrequitted love with a tube. PAH HA.

How many times have we all lived that story minus us being a piece of dehydrated carbohydrate.

Although I think I am quite often a dehydrated carbohydrate in unrequitted love with a tube.

Maybe I was that piece of pasta and maybe I ate myself and now i'm going to dream a dream similar to that scene from Being John Malkovich.


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