Saturday, 12 July 2008

Zero Three.

One one zero zero zero zero one.

Zero is my cat. Without her I would live a sad, lonely and stressful life. Sincerly. I had sooty for 10 years of my life and I've had Zero for almost three years of my life, which means there was a time, about 50% of my life that I did not own my own cat.

When I come in from work though I hug and stroke her and it takes everything away. When I wake up she comes for cuddles and it takes away the bitter pain of having to get out of bed.

When I'm up late, or working from home she sits under my left arm while I Sit on my bed with my laptop on my knee.

She likes to bite me, yes. She likes to terrorise me, yes. She likes to poo in the bath to piss me off, yes. She is often called Zeez, Zeezrom, hell beast, satan, evil, yes.

Last year I made her an awesome hat to mark her second birthday.

This year I made her a Pecan Pie.

Here are the results of Zero's birthday party. Me, her and wooden floor.

(Just as a general reminder, this is all tongue in cheek. I like mocking the fact that I could be a crazy cat lady without actually being one. That's why I also send those Christmas emails with Zero, they make me laugh because people do send things like that in seriousness.)

This is the Pecan Pie. It turned into a deep dish pie because I didn't have a large enough pie dish. Hmmmm.

Zero being suspicious of the pie.

Oh you're scared of the pie.

Zero only looks like she's touching, sniffing or eating the pie. This was a hygenic endeavour. Don't worry.

Completely organic and filled with Green and Blacks Dark chocolate. I can cook. FACT.

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