Saturday, 5 July 2008

Angelina Jolie's Lips.

Are amazing.

Last night I watched Wanted. I salute you James McIvoy, but I do not salute your american accent. Although it's better than my American accent.

For a lot of the movie I kept thinking, 'you're lying, you don't sound like that.' He actually sounded Irish for some of it, or like a Boston Irish/American local.

All in all though, I was actually presently surprised by the content of the movie, the story line had a lot of fighting but it was not 100% as cliche as you first expect it to be.

It was actually quite good, and the kind of thing I might watch again on a late night when it's on the TV or in someone elses DVD collection.

James McIvoy though, I'm so impressed with how well he is doing in life, and what a good actor he is - regardless of accent.

It makes me proud to be affiliated with the country he is from.

Anyway, High Five for the awesome movie.

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