Sunday, 6 July 2008

Jack Black's Lips.

I'm sure are amazing, but I heard the sounds that roll from his lips as i watched a giant Panda perform Kung Fu on the screen.

Jack Black's lips are so talented at making me laugh that I can't control myself.

Jack Black is pretty much immense in general, he makes my sides split with his non-sensicle words and adlibbing talents.

The entire time I sat watching Kung-Fu Panda and all I could think about was Keanu Reeves and his 'I know Kung-Fu' but I think there's a robot chicken episode, or family guy, or southpark that takes the mick out of it, because I hear it in a much higher pitch.

Also, on the note of Kung Fu Panda, I wish I could do kung fu, and I wish I was a bad ass leopard (that's leo-pard).

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