Thursday, 21 August 2008

Cameron Diaz's Perfect Perfect Lips.

I watched In her shoes, as mentioned in the previous blog. I watched it once before, in the cinema on my own after work one day. I had to sit on the second row and I had to run for the train afterwards. Those were the days I worked until 7:30/8:30pm.

I now have a chai tea, I am watching the Darjeeling Limited and I am going to talk about how amazing Cameron Diaz is.

Although she appears in what might seem like 'Chick Flicks' she is always in high end chick flicks. Things don't always end 'happily ever,' Her repetoire is impressive, and she is an Angel and she can dance to MC Hammer's Can't Touch This. Not unlike me:

That was last year during masters. I think Annie took three videos of my chair dancing and studio dancing. That one is to hammer time. Oh yes.

Anyway, moving on. Those Jeans now have a hole in the knee. Sad.

Cameron Diaz in the sweetest thing, amazing.

Cameron Diaz in charlie's Angels, amazing.

Cameron Diaz in What happened in Vegas, amazing.

Cameron Diaz in Shrek, amazing.

Cameron Diaz in Vanilla Sky, amazing (and a half).

Cameron Diaz in Fear and Loathing In Las vegas, amazing.

Cameron Diaz in a Life Less Ordinary, amazing and with Ewan McGregor (mon eh scots)

Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend's Wedding, amazing.

Cameron Diaz in the Holiday, Amazing.

Cameron Diaz in the Mask, amazing.

Cameron Diaz in being John Malkovich, amazing.

I swear. What a good career. There's nothing really embarassing there, she has a solid foundation and a good mix. She also know s a lot of important actors and thus lands small roles in movies.

I think the first time I ever noticed the actors' friends thing was with Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. But the more you look at actors who star together in different movies the more you realise how small hollywood is, how important it is to 'know' people, and how fun it must actually be.

I suppose it's all made apparent by the 'six degrees of kevin bacon' theory, he has more hollywood friends and has broken more genres than anyone else.

Cameron Diaz does not bad either.

I however, link into that world via Charla.

I know Charla, and she knows Jared and Jerusha Hess, who knows Jack Black, who knows Cameron Diaz (from starring in the Holiday) and she knows Tom Cruise because of Vanilla Sky and her uncredited role in Minortiy Report (that you IMDB).

Cameron Diaz is always in movies with more meaning than romance, and I like it.

Thank you Cameron for having Hollywood morals and only being in good movies. You're a brand I can trust.

Two Thumbs Fresh.

This is now possibly the best thing on YouTube and explains my constant use of Two Thumbs Fresh.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, cameron diaz is amaziiiiing!
Oh, and you might want to update the list and add knight and day & my sister's keeper to the movies she is awesome in :-)