Saturday, 16 August 2008

Morgan Freeman's Lips; or, My Two Choice Theory.

I watched the shawshank redemption on Tuesday night. It was tremendous.

I love it as much as I love escape from alcatraz, although the latter has clint eastwood and the former Morgan Freeman, so it's hard to say if one is better than the other.

The quote that got me, which summed up my theory of life in general was the famous:

Get busy living or get busy dying.

Back in November/October I learned something really important. I learned how to flex and use my brain. I realised that if I put food in my mouth and say MMMM This is good, I will believe it, but if I say eeeeew this is gross I will beleive it is gross.

The same applies to situations. When I was finding new friends and trying to work out life in Salt Lake City I realised that I have a choice. In every circumstance, I can choose to make it awkward or I can choose to not.

That's my insight.

You either Do or you Don't.

Now, Paul Hichens will fight with me over this until the cows come home about the whole spectrum of decisions – which is correct. However; There is a black and white choice and the grey choices come after.

His fight was that he can choose to fix a computer, he can choose to fix it half-hearted-ly he can choose to fix it well, he can choose to not fix it.

I agree yes, there are degrees.

But back to my awkward scenario.

If I walk into an unfamiliar crowd I have a choice I either sit there awkwardly or I try and speak confidently. Once I make the choice to go one way or the other, let's say I choose to not be awkward, then I will do everything, given the circumstances to achieve that. Now, the amount of effort I would put in to doing that is entirely dependent on the subsequent choices that come as a result and consequences of making the primary choice.

This is getting analytical.

Things I have learned in my life so far:

1. There are always two choices. Do or Don't do. Behave one way or another. Take control or don't take control. That's life. Always two paths/routes/choices. FACT.

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