Saturday, 16 August 2008

The Thursday Stats; or, David Duchovny's Lips.

The Thursday stats are:

0m in 24 hours.

What a personal best.

Screw swimming, I went to see the X-files.

It was HHHamazing. So amazing there are H's in front of the a to describe the breathe i took in to say the word amazing.

So 90s. It was a little weak on the super natural front. I'm impressed that Scottish people are gifted though, there's hope for me yet. Thank you Billy Connolly.

I'm not sure how I felt about scully waving at me in a bikini while mulder rowed a boat. Although, that amount of cheese did make me happy.

I think what's so amazing is that the cinema was still reasonably filled with people after three weeks of it being out. The X-files was an institution. All these 90s angsty teens were putting posters on their wall declaring how they wanted to believe or that they did believe. People were scouring the skies for UFOs. It ran for years and years and people loved it.

My sister was massively into it, that's how I was subjected to so many episodes in my younger years, but the skeptic in my never did truely believe. Still I can't tell you if I believe in aliens or not. I believe in something.

The greatest disappointment, however, is that they messed with the theme tune. They could have just left it the way it was, it would have hit the nostalgic nerve a bit better.

Anyway, I'm shattered. I thought I could stay up and blog the week, I blatently can't.

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