Monday, 4 August 2008

I love shoes.

Last week after church I went to the park to kill time before going to Patsy's. The only problem with going to the park after church was that I was wearing high heel shoes and my vintage awesome dress. That was no problem for me, but for everyone else they just stared.

I was stalking through the park quicker than most of the people there with their hiking boots and short shorts. And they looked at me as if I had fallen out of the 50s or something. I won't deny that I wasn't loving it and slightly amused at the looks I was getting. I was not wearing typical park attire.

I walked for about 10 minutes then sat on the grass and finished the end of eclipse. I was joking that I would read all three of the Twilight books before the fourth was released, but I managed to do it with no effort at all, with a week to spare. I've had no vampire fix for the past week though. Although tomorrow is the day, I'm so excited for lunchtime tomorrow.

The week has been a bit crazy. It's been all work and no play, and then I had a minor breakdown which made me felt quite psychotic. Although, to know that I'm being psychotic means that I'm not actually. I need to reset though, and when I reset I'm going to hit the ctrl, apple, shift and s button too. (or f. I can't actually remember.)

I'll be grand though. I just need to take more time for doing the things that I want to do with work and career etc.

Anyway, I love Macbook Pro. It makes me so happy, and I wish I worked for apple, although I would probably start resenting Apple if I worked for them.

I wish I had more shoes, I wish I actually had more occasions to wear real shoes. I always forget how much I love shoes.

I was planning on doing a total photo montage, because I've switching all the files over I've found tonnes of images that i've taken off my phone that I've never put online, but they are somewhat amusing. But It's almost 1am, and I slept the Sunday away, and I have to go to work in the morning.

Things that make me happy (dot com):

Sliced dried (soft) mango.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pasta and Cheese (with Pesto)
Rice Krispie cakes
Driving (while listening to amazing playlists)
Zero (the ghost cat)
Watching Back to the Future with Deanerio at the same time in different countries (but the same time zone) while on msn.

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