Wednesday, 20 August 2008

SKATEBOARD and bruises; or, my Quarter Life Crisis

So, as part of my serious quarter life crisis, I did buy a skateboard and I did fall off it.

Here is me, playing on it for the first time. How pretty is my board. I will be Marty McFly yet. Heck yeah. Get me a guitar and teach me Chuck Berry.

Seriously though, so much fun.

My pretty sunset board with trees.

My pretty wheels.

My with my pointing left foot. Rufus told me I have to turn it when I'm gliding. I'm already correcting it.

Again with the pointing foot and the awesome purple and black stripe hoody skills.

This is my first road kill. I have no idea how I killed a fly, but I did, and it was halved on my board with blood splattered all around it.

My first injury. I fell straight on my back and winded myself and I couldn't breath. It was crazy. But funny. My wee brother just laughed at me.

My other visible injury. I also strained my neck so I wouldn't hit my head and I injured my ribs where I landed on my back haha.

Ahhh... the quarter life crisis will kill me, or make me cooler. Can I get any cooler though? That's the question.

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