Thursday, 21 August 2008

All I do Is Count.

Quote of the day 'If Michael Phelps was made for swimming, he would have a fin, a tail and some gills. That's why a Shark is still faster.'

Followed by:

'12,000 calories a day, I know hundreds of teenagers on that diet and they're not winning olympic Gold's.'

'But their diet is not plankton.'

I went swimming this afternoon. I got in the pool sometime around 13:15/13:20. I tried to go swimming yesterday but due to 'industrial action' the pool was shut... Curse you.

I then went to Asda in my swimming suit to get cat food. I was indeed wearing my swimming suit to the pool, granted I was doused with my own 'street' clothing over the chlorine smelling lycra. The one rule, when wearing your swimsuit to the pool is: always bring underwear. I remembered yesterday. Today I forgot. This is the second time I've had to go home commando... just as well I was wearing my jeans with all the holes in them too with the hole in the butt of them. Oh yes, I am good. Air high five to myself.

So the session today was quite historic. I usually swim in blocks of 200m but I decided to swim 400m and see what happened.

Well, what happened was when I got to 10 lengths I decided I wanted to try and do 500m or 20 lengths.

While getting to that point that I remembered Justin once telling me about a girl who just got in the pool and swam (or swum if you're stephenie meyer) 1000m (40 lengths) in one go. So then I toyed with the idea of doing 40 and kept going.

When I got to 40, I remembered my wee brother saying yesterday that he couldn't swim 50 lengths in a row and I told him I couldn't either or rather didn't. So then I wondered if I could do 50, so I kept going. Then when I was approaching the 50 I was trying to remember how far a mile was and I think it's 64, so I decided to finish the mile and I kept going.

Then I worked out how many meters that was and it was 1600m so then I figured I could just finish the 2000m because it was only 16 more lengths.

And I kept going. I stopped at 80.

80 lengths with no stopping. I just kept going. I was also wearing my paddles so I was gliding nicely. 80 lengths though, 2000m. That's what I usually aim for in an entire session and I just did it. And I didn't even feel tired. I hit Euphoria 3 times and then came back down, but I kept going. The entire time all I did was count, one two breathree. Which then turned into the number of the length broken into three syllables, so it would have been seven-ty-six(breath).

Tonnes of numbers.

The unfortunancey of being female though is that although I am counting breaths, and counting lengths, and working out how many meters that is, and thinking about swimming the channel, and thinking about flippers, and thinking about swimming in the sea, I can still think of a million other things, like who i need to send emails to, what I might say in them, where I should apply for work, d-schools, b-schools, Stanford (again), what was wrong with my application to stanford, how I can make it better for next year, why italy hasn't contacted me yet, wondering if they are just waiting until I am too old (two weeks tomorrow), whether I should go to Manchester convention or not, whether I should go to Donna's wedding or not, how I'm going to fit in getting the Skill's mill's birthday present made and to her, what I'm going to give my sister for her birthday on the same day, how I could own a house with a 25m pool in the basement (jaxx)... and the list goes on.

I pretty much hate that I can't just swim and blow my brains out swimming, my mind is still other places and I can still swim and breath. I'm even having to concentrate on breathing and still, no escape from the hyper active cavern that is my brain. meh.

Okay, the Official Stats. And these make up for the last week I missed because I was watching the X-files and the weeks before that when I was just slacking.

200m Front Crawl
200m Breast Stroke
200m Front Crawl Legs only
100m Breast Stroke Legs only
100m butterfly Legs only
100m backstroke legs only
25m butterfly legs
25m backstroke legs
25m breastroke legs
25m front crawl legs

100m IM (25m Back, 25m Butterfly - one armed, 25m breast stroke, 25m front crawl)

2000m Front Crawl with Paddles
200m Front Crawl
200m Front Crawl
25m Front Crawl Legs
25m Breast Stroke Legs
50m Breast stroke
50m breast stroke with paddles
50m swim down

Total: 3700m or 148 lengths

I totally thought it was 150, the calculator never lies. Doh. Two more and it would have been 150.

I'm totally shattered now. I shouldn't really push myself like that, meh. It felt amazing at the time.

Runner's High, or what I mean when I say Euphoria.

I've not been boarding this week, gutted, I've not been to the cinema either. Although I did watch In her Shoes on Film Four on Monday or Tuesday night. Cameron Diaz is the pinnacle of perfection. Has she actually been in any bad movies?

I think I need some Chai Tea.

Cameron Diaz deserves her own blog. Fact. Hang on.

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