Monday, 11 August 2008

Diane Keaton's Lips. (And Keanu's AGAIN)

... were sucking face with Keanu Reeves and Jack Nicholson.

I accidently watched 'Something's Got To Give'. Not to be mistaken for the Drowning Pool song.

ONE nothing's wrong with me

TWO Nothing's wrong with me

THREE Nothing's wrong with me


Let the bodies hit the floo'


Saturday night, late, I as starting my hobby of watching the ends of movies, and happened upon something's got to give. I thought it was in its last hour, but thanks to STV and their old fashioned ways it was scheduled for an hour before the news then another hour after the news at 10.


So I ended up watching 80% of it.

I also realised that I am the fictional character of a mid-50s woman.

Diane Keaton's character was so me, it was unbelievable.

Although I have not fallen in love with Jack Nicholson, I am not divorced, and I am most definitely not dating Keanu Reeves.

If any of these three were the case I can assure you my blogs might be a little bit more interesting, or they might not exist at all. Especially if I was dating Keanu Reeves because not only would I be molesting him (Mormon style) but I would also be time travelling in a phone box with him while Rufus played guitar; I would be travelling through the matrix and learning kung fu; I would be driving a bus at 50mph; I would be communicating through a mail box two years in the future; I would be visiting him at his dentist surgery while he endeavoured to be a hippy; I would be engaged to him under false pretences so my illegitimate child had a father for my parents' benefit; I would be his drug dealer and everything would actually be partially animated; hell, I might even be an angsty Teen with an undercut who married him while he decided to be a dare devil.

My point being: Keanu Reeves has one of the most eclectic film repetoirs known to man. Someone should call him on it. It's a bit crazy. He gets around.

The gist is, however, I am Diane Keaton. And I wonder if I will end up with Jack Nicholson.

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