Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Video Blog of the Day.

These videos somehow fit into blogs that i've written today, or I just liked them.

MEGA. More Keanu.

The reason I never achieved any childhood dreams in my childhood. Listen to those punching sound effects. Look at those Turkeys. AMAZING.

Drowning Pool - as mentioned earlier. This reminds me of dancing in the cat house with Ross McGarvey and the summer I spent in the QMU with Eilidh.

I happened to watch the daily show tonight on More Four. Which seems to be 5 days behind the first airing in the US.

MEGA Though. This was one of my favourite parts.

I also watched Mock the Week on Saturday night which had me laughing for a long long time.

I need to stop watching TV. I hardly ever watch TV. This is like some kind of TV relapse or something. Stupid TV.


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