Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Sandra Bullock's and Keanu Reeve's Lips. (And Family Guy.)

Oh my gosh, I watched the Lakehouse on Sunday.

I love moves that mess with the space time continuum, but I hate it when they get it wrong. Back to the future gets away with it because it's forgiveable crimes.

The lakehouse however just forgets about time and the past and makes it out that there's only two times in the entire history of time. Sandra Bollocks' time and Keanu Reeves' time.

So silly.

I had a thought earlier today. It was something to do with the Butterfly Effect and all my thoughts being altered.

I've been watching Buffy and Angel tapes again, and it's season five with Buffy's mum and her brain tumour (which was probably enduced by all the memories that had to be put there because of Dawn's existence).

Somehow though, I realised that the Butterfly Effect had something to do with me. I'm not sure what it was though. It could well be that I went back in time and changed whatever it was that I thought was relevant. I was talking to Paul last night about the Butterfly effect. Hmmm.

Terrible movie.

In my last post when I was thinking about laughing with my sides splitting I was reminded of death in family guy when he turns up and laughs for about five minutes. I'm looking for that scene on youtube now. I love it. Actually, that Death episode was the first ever EVER episode of family guy that I ever watched.

I can't find it. I did find this though:

So, I just decided to make the movie myself and host it myself. here it is. 'I'm not done holding my sides'.

Z) Sleep

(that code sucks, but my time has fair expired).

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