Sunday, 31 August 2008


Triad day.

Saturday was six in the countdown, and it was a day of getting things done, sending emails, entering competitions and then going to Donna's Gaff with the skills Mills and making tuna sandwiches and a GIANT cookie for the munch and mingle.

Donna and I ate the giant cookie for breakfast while watching Bugsy Malone.

The Tuna Sandwiches were loved by all the members of the ward.

They never knew about the cookie.

What we pretty much did was get Betty Crocker cookie mix, we added some water, we mixed it, and then turfed the whole thing on a tray. MEGA.

It looks a bit like Ireland. Fact.

I technically ate Belfast for Breakfast.

But Six, was a reminder of the triad/or quartet that I used to have with Charla, Mary and Donna. I loved hanging out with those three cats.

On Charla's leaving night we went to the Art School, which was pretty mega. Oh the dancing.

I miss Charla. That was a good year.


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