Friday, 8 August 2008

Erased my Life.

Have you ever watched 6 years of your life flash before your eyes in a second?

I felt like I was having a near death experience or something.

Upgrading the mac (yes I am still talking about the mac) meant that iPhoto is a little more upgraded too, which means I can now link pictures to my external hard drive and still see them in iPhoto. Like what I do with my iTunes.


I was uploading the pictures and there were about 13,000 of them (and that's not them all) and they just flickered on past my face. It was strange. So quickly as wel. And of course they were animated. I love still frame animation.

I then sat and watched my life be erased from the hard drive of old mac. It was odd. Again, over in seconds.

The other day, when I was in town buying breaking dawn, i parked close to George Square and Borders. When I came back to my car I just leaped in (after punching it by accident and jumping up and down in pain) and then while driving I saw that someone had left a card under the windscreen wiper (which was on, because it's Glasgow and it's summer time).

So it sa there for a few days. I then looked at it. This is what it said

I wondered if they targetted my car because it is a Ford Ka. Hmmm, and it was parked infront of the prettiest Mercedes I've seen in a long long time. I think I actually gawked at it as I walked past it. I love my ka though. Love it. Love.

Hopefully I'll have something interesting to blog about soon.

Oh. So, last week when I was going a bit cray in work my blood pressure was 98 Beats a Minute.

This meant nothing to me because I don't know what my regular resting heart beat is. So I took it the next morning to see the difference and it was 72 Beats a Minute.

Out of genuine curiosity I took my heart rate on Monday at work and it was down in the 50s I think I think 57.

I remember reading that the average rate should be between 70-90 and that people who do endurance sports probably sit lower than 70.

Swimming is technically endurance. Hmmm.

I'm going to take it right now.

Right now it's sitting at 60-64.

Yeah, my heart rate was through the roof last week. Mental.

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