Friday, 8 August 2008

Meryl Streep's Lips (and two weeks of the Thursday Stats)

Last Thursday wasn't a good day, but I went swimming regardless. My general mood always reflects the ammount of effort I want to put in.


I'll try and remember last week. I remember getting mad at myself because I didn't swim 1250m in 30 minutes. But I've never done that, I just wanted to hate myself haha.


Last week:

200m Front Crawl
100m Breast Stroke
100m Back Crawl
200m legs only
100m x 2 of 25m IM (25 Butterfly, 25 back, 25 breast, 25 crawl) with paddles
200m front crawl with paddles

Yeah I'm sucking at remembering.

That's pretty much the gist though.

Last night:

200m Front crawl
100m Breast stroke
25m Breast stroke
25m Back stroke
25m Breast stroke
25m Back stroke
200m Legs (100m Front legs, 100m Breast legs)
200m Front Crawl with paddles
200m Front Crawl without paddles
50m front crawl sprint
50m swim down.

1100m in 30 minutes.

I went to see Mama Mia last night with Donna L. It was pretty amazing. There were a few scenes in it that I wanted to wet myself laughing at. It was insanely funny. Watching Pierce Brosnon burst into song with his serious brow and stragely plastercine-y face was more than entertaining.

I would like to confirm at this time that I HATE Abba. I really really do. And I think the reason I hate Abba is mostly because of the stereotypical Abba fan. If you've ever wondered what the stereotypical Abba fan is then go see Mama Mia and if they don't start dancing at the end then you have been robbed of the true experience. Dancing at the end? I hear you question. Yes. There were people dancing, not just at the end but shimmying in their seats the whole way through the movie. And to top it all off they were all singing along with the movie.

I don't think I've witnessed anything like that before that hadn't been pre-determined. I almost want to go again to busier showing just so witness the Abba loving maddness again.

Not only that but I had to queue to get into the screen. I've never had to do that before. Everyone was so eager to get in there there was a queue. Madness.

I was instilling queue anarchy in the hearts of the British and telling people who were going to see th Dark Knight to skip the queue. It cracked me up. They were torn between breaking the queue law or waiting for a bunch of Abba fans. Utter maddness.


I think people like Abba because they aren't interesting enough to like other bands. If I can be so bold to say that. Not everyone though, moreso the people that claim that Abba are their favourite band. I'm sure there are some genuine reasons. But I think for the most part it's something easy to be a fan of, so they do it. It's popular, and they think if they like Abba they are instantly 'fun' people.

Abba: For the Musically stunted.

Don't get me wrong, I had a smile on my face the whole time. And there were men in flippers dancing, and I do wish that sometimes my life was a musical. It was entertaining, but it made me realise why I don't like Abba. Haha.

To add on to this miniature rant I would like to talk about last Friday, when I was leaving the cinema after watching Will Smith's lips I was going down the escalator (the best part of cineworld is taking the escalator for 20 minutes) behind an old couple. In the background an ad for Mama Mia started playing with Dancing Queen as the soundtrack. The lady with white short curly hair and her polyester M&S beige trousers started dancing in front of me. It's wedding music. Strange and odd wedding music.

But I'm trying to work out if Abba are a band that I hate but they produce music I might like.

It's familiar, and it's unavoidable and I think I have been Abba brainwashed by their sleeves and spangles.

Anyway, Meryl streep is hot. I wish I was her.

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