Friday, 29 August 2008

Guitar Hero and the end of the physical music.

I was thinking about guitar hero the other day, after I watched a video of lego pieces re-inacting the screen for the game. Years ago, when computers first became available I'm sure people scoffed and scorned at technology taking away the essence of writing by using pen paper, chalk slate quill ink parchment etc etc.

So, perhaps things like guitar hero are just another step in the ladder.

But then, nothing creative comes out of guitar hero, you are just replicating songs that already exist. And here is the distinction, and I return to a previous blog about Hipsters and their movement/genre being the first wholly commercialised and advertised grouping.

The reason guitar hero technology will never replace creating real music is because it was invented for entertainment, and financial gain and not for the advancement of learning, creativity and production - which computers and the electronic keyboard (not my yamaha, although it could be too, but my mac keyboard) are.

That is all.

Just think about that.

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