Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Clint Eastwood's and Hillary Swank's Lips.


I tried to make myself cry at it.

No luck.


It was so sad though, but the tears have dried up for another six months it seems. The flood gates opened and now they are welded shut again. Just try and make me cry, I dare you.

Hillary Swank gave a top class performance though. What a wonderful non-stereotypical movie. It was such a surprise. I just never expected what happened to happen, it was amazing. But so so sad.

A fantastic script.

Clint Eastwood is such a gem.

Morgan Freeman too. He's always in the most amazing movies.

That's it though isn't it. That's life. It hurts. It's not perfect. And the people the lonliest people in the world always seem to find each other, creating some kind of misfit family.

I love that. I'm not entirely sure if that happens in real life. But I imagine it does. Perhaps that's my next adventure. Strip myself of all associations and find the lonliest people around that still have passion for something.

There's an ad with Mark Boland on it advertising for Orange. That man is a legened. That's the kind of ambition I want. I'm going to swim around the world.

Anyway. Exceptional movie with a hard hitting, cutting non-happy ending.

I've been reading the fourth twilight book and i've not been greatly pleased with it so far. It's just kind of gotten a little predictable and boring. Perhaps I'm just too smart for my own good, but I've been able to see everything coming that has been coming. You would think that the oldest vampires would be smarter than me and be able to put 1 and 1 together to get 1.5 and not 3.

You know?


It really does show that they were written for teenagers and not me. Haha. It also shows that I am healing back into my hard shelled British self. Mon eh Brits and their lack of sharing feelings and emotions. YES.

I can forsee Charlie not delivering the line 'That's one thing I've never been able to stomache about Forks, all the damn vampires and werewolves.' That would have been the best ending. We'll soon find out if that is how it ends. I am taking it slow. It might also be the thickest book i've read.

I think once I'm done I'm going to read the catcher in the rye again. Because I need more cynicism and hatred towards society in my life :)

Two Thum's fresh to Hillary and Clint and Morgan.

Million Dollar baby, spot on. Film Four. Amazing. Tomorrow the 9 o clock movie is Shawshank redemption. Get in. More Morgan Freeman.

I also wanted to say, that when Million Dollar baby came out I remember lesbian jill raving about it. RAVING. saying how amazing it was. At first I just thought it was because of the role Hillary once played in Boys don't cry, but now I see it is just an excellent film.

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