Friday, 8 August 2008

Shine A Light: I am Keith Richards.

Okay, so on Wednesday I started watching Shine A Light. I desperately wanted to see it at the cinema, I can't remember if I blogged about that adventure, but it was to no avail.

So I got my illegal torrent booty on t'interweb and downloaded it.

I fell asleep during it though because I've been so super tired this week.

I then continued watching it yesterday, which was pretty awesome. Because I using front row (I am such an apple geek it's unreal, front row and remote control exictes me to no end) I had to turn it off to use my computer. So I reopened it in quicktime and then because I was feeling quite fidgety watched it in fast forward.

The end scene was one of my favourites, playing the oh so famous (I can't get no) Satisfaction.

I then uploaded the end scene to youtube. Here's something to look out for: keith Richard's arm. It is somewhat similar to my own.

I forgot to mention that the bracelet I thought I had lost, in fact, reappeared the next day. The oldest, Paul bracelet is still there. I don't know where it went for 24 hours though. Perhaps on an adventure I will never know about.

Also notice in this video just how hot Mick Jagger is.

Also notice the way the video has been shot. It's brilliant. Martin Scorcese is a genius. Fact.

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