Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Cool Beans: You Tube Videos of the Day featuring the Schwazzeneger.

Things that make me happy:

Buying DVDs for five spot from Asda when I'm supposed to be buying Human Food.

I bought Hot Rod for a fiver.

Thank you Ross and McGarvatron for bringing it into my life.

Believe it or not, the chick from charmed was in Commando. This movie was madness. I remember there was a MEGA scene that Arnie rips a phone box out of the ground, and he says the name Jenny repeatedly. Amazing. Enjoy the one liners too.

Dead Tired. Oooo when will he stop tickling my sides. My sides are splitting.

Here it is. The phone Booth.

and if you missed it, watch it repeated. It's all about repeating the random scenes over and over (as Brett learned when I insisted in the repetition in the lie budget movie.)

(as the comment says Yes it has to be played six times over haha.)

To finish off our Commando tribute you can see this random fight scene. There's many fight scenes just as ridiculous with bigger guns and less believable outcomes. Haha.

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